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Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices (KAP) study on HIV / AIDS among HIV patients, care givers and general population in north-eastern part of India.

L P Meena, S K Pandey, M Rai, Anju Bharti, Shyam Sunder.

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Background: HIV, the disease, whose mode of transmission is known and is largely preventable, but due to lack of knowledge and practices about HIV/AIDS in general population causes its rapid spread. So, in this study we plan to assess and compare the knowledge, attitude and practices about HIV in patients group, care giver and in general population

Material and Method : A total of 102 HIV/AIDS patients , 60 care givers(35 attendent ,19 nurses, 6 doctors) and 40 general population (control) were included in the present study. The patients who were registered for study were followed up for three visits. The responses were recorded on a pre-designed and pre-tested, semi- structured questionnaire.

Results : Illiteracy was more common in HIV patient group (27.5%) . A high proportion of HIV/AIDS cases were engaged in transport/ production industry (24.5%) . Electronic media and print media are major source of information . 35.3% patients, 22.9% care givers and 47.5% general population group thought that with medication HIV is curable. Sexual contact (63.8%) was the commonest mode of transmission . 80.0% medical staff thought that a newly diagnosed HIV person, first to talk with doctor. After 6 month follow up: 82% patients write sexual contact as major mode of transmission, and Use of condom was most important preventive measure (68%) .

Conclusion : Understanding the KAP about HIV/AIDS of Patients, care givers and in general populations will help us in formulating strategy for prevention, treatment .

Keywords :KAP, HIV, Care givers, Medical staff

Key words: KAP, HIV, Care givers, Medical staff

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